CaptiveGirl – Rules, Procedures and Lifestyle

Miisa Karlsson (Captivegirl) is a lifestyle captivity fetishist, who lives voluntarily in real captivity.  Below is a description of her day to day life, including the rules and procedures she lives under.

Miisa’s captivity has evolved over several years.  Many of the basic rules and procedures outlined below have been in place since the northern autumn of 2008.  She has been continuously captive since that time.

Guard and Committee

Miisa’s life is governed by a Committee of captivity enthusiasts. The Committee are similar to a parole board or management team in a jail – together they determine every part of her imprisonment and care.

The Committee care for Miisa, but they keep their distance, which helps them govern her imprisonment properly without getting too emotionally involved.  One member of the Committee acts as her guard, locking and unlocking her as required throughout the day, providing meals, etc. The committee meet with Miisa, either together or individually, on occasion to speak with her or inform her of changes.

The rules of Miisa’s imprisonment are made and enforced by her Committee.  This situation has come about gradually – at the beginning Miisa had a say in the rules and was able to ask for changes. Now the Committee’s power is absolute.  They have made it clear to Miisa that she has only two choices – release (according to the release procedure detailed below) or allowing them complete and permanent control over every aspect of her captive life.  These are the conditions of their involvement in her captivity, and therefore she knows that negotiation with them, or longing for her rules and procedures to be lessened in any way, is futile. The Committee are concerned with her wellbeing, and as a result they occasionally consult with her to ensure that there are no unforeseen physical or mental effects of the restraints and rules they apply to her.

Miisa is treated as a maximum security prisoner, and has no control over most aspects of her life. She must make a request to her Committee for even the smallest things, such as the food she eats, permission to wear a scarf when in her exercise area, the brand of shampoo she uses etc.  The Committee can only decide on these things as a whole group and have the right to refuse her requests.

Real captivity

Miisa’s captivity is not pretend.  She cannot break her restraints, and her Committee or guard will not release her, even if she pleads with them to go free.

The only way that Miisa’s captivity can end is by the following procedure:

  • Miisa notifies her Committee that she wishes to be released, which begins a three month ‘reflection’ period.
  • During the reflection period all restraints, rules and procedures remain the same.
  • At any time during the reflection period she can decide to end it and go back to normal captivity.  If she decides this, and then asks for release again, the three month reflection period starts again from the beginning
  • If Miisa goes for her whole three month reflection period and still wants to be released, her captivity is over and she can go free.  She cannot go back to her captivity.

Miisa’s rules and procedures guard against short term impulses to be free – Miisa may want to be free or to have a rule relaxed from time to time, but the procedures mean that there is absolutely no way she can act on these feelings.  There is always at least three months of captivity ahead of her at any one time.

Miisa and her Committee view her captivity to be for life.  It is very unlikely that Miisa would, or could, implement her release procedure.  Her rules and procedures are designed to make the choice of a free life less and less attainable for her, and the idea of permanent captivity more and more desirable.


Miisa is permanently imprisoned in a tailor made steel cage within the ground floor of a farm house, specially adapted to hold her. Every door inside and out of the complex is locked at all times, including those inside her cage, and the cage does not touch the outside walls. Walkways for guards exist on two sides of her cage, where food and supplies can be passed to Miisa through secure hatches without the guards entering her cage.

Her prison cage consists of the following rooms:

    • Cell, where she sleeps – containing bed and bathroom facilities (toilet, wash basin and shower)
    • Workroom – this room contains a table with a computer, a chair and a separate high table where she can stand and eat. Miisa is restrained in this area for most of each week day, as it is where she carries out her work. She can watch TV on her computer or surf the internet when not working.
    • Exercise area, containing a cross-trainer device only. This area also leads to an indoor vestibule connected to an exterior door, which leads to the Outdoor area.
    • Outdoor area – an enclosed yard directly outside the back door of her living area where she is tethered most days for exercise time.
    • Visitor room, connected directly to the cage via a door through a solid wall.

An overhead rail system is installed throughout the cage, to which a tether chain is attached. Miisa is locked to this tether chain at all times when not sleeping or receiving visitors in the visitor room. The overhead rail system has electronic stop points, preventing Miisa from approaching any of the doors. These stops can only be overridden by guards.

Full time restraints

Miisa wears the following restraints every day.

Sleeping (lying face down):

  • Head laced and buckled into a leather hood, blindfolding her and rendering her unable to speak.
  • Three point chain around her waist and between her legs, locked to the bed, to immobilize her hips
  • Hands locked in thumbless leather mittens
  • Wrists cuffed to the waist chain, in the small of her back
  • Steel collar (30mm width) chained to the bed post
  • Ankle cuffs chained to the foot of the bed.

Day time:

  • Steel collar (30mm width)
  • Steel waist band, with locking points at front, sides and rear.
  • Ankle cuffs separated by a hobble chain (approx. 40 cm in length), which is locked to the floor wherever she is seated by a 1.5m long chain.
  • Chain running down her back, connecting collar and waist band, which forces her to assume a very straight posture at all times.
  • Overbust corset, with laces locked so they cannot be loosened, and also secured by her waist band. The corset has shoulder straps which hold her shoulders back, keeping her in the correct posture so that she is not injured by the chain between her waist band and collar.
  • Tether chain connected to the overhead rail system, locked to her waist band, allowing her to sit in some places, such as at her computer desk, but forcing her to remain standing in all others, and in all cases limiting her movement within and between areas of her prison.
  • Hands in tight thumbless leather mittens, locked in place by handcuffs, during all outdoor time and for one hour before and after any outdoor time.


Miisa’s movements are strictly controlled 24/7 by her minders and by locked chains. She is tethered to her prison in different ways depending on where she is:

  • In all indoor areas (most of every day), she is tethered by her waist band locked to the overhead rail and hobble chain locked to the floor as described above, unless she is sleeping or meeting visitors, when she is locked in place by other means.
  • When she is being moved under escort from one place to another, her wrists are locked to her waist band.  In order to move from where she is secured to somewhere else, her minder must first lock her wrists to her waist band or behind her, and then unlocks the chain connecting her hobble chain to the floor and escorts her to where she needs to go. Only once her hobble chain is tethered somewhere else are her hands released.
  • At exercise time she is tethered to a 10m long wire run (see detail below).


From March 2014, Miisa must remain silent at all times when her committee or guard are present except when she has been given permission to speak. She must speak respectfully to her committee members, calling them Sir and Ma’am.


  • Miisa has an outdoor exercise area, where she is attached by a short tether chain to a waist-high wire running along the side of the building. She is attached to this wire before her indoor tether chain is removed.
  • This is used to provide her with exercise for an hour each day, sometimes longer in summer.  She can walk backwards and forwards along the wire to exercise.  Her collar, waist band, hobble chain, corset and back chain remain on at these times and she is given tight fingerless leather mittens to prevent the use of her hands, which are locked in handcuffs behind her back.

Measures to prevent escape

  • Miisa is not allowed to use any item that could be either used as a weapon or a tool that might help her attempt to escape. This means that she is not able to use knives, utensils, knitting needles, or tools of any kind.
  • Only Miisa’s full time guard or a member of her committee is able to unlock and move her from one tether point to another.  Strict Rules and Procedures ensure there are no slip-ups, no matter who is guarding her.


  • Miisa is not allowed to touch anyone, including her guard and committee.  Any attempt to touch someone is considered to be an attack.
  • She cannot be touched by anyone except her guards, and this is only done when she is being dressed and undressed or locked and unlocked from her chains.  The only exceptions to this rule are people who need to touch her, for example her doctor.
  • Miisa’s touching rule means that she looks forward to the simple human contact she receives when she is being locked in her restraints by her guard or committee and being moved from place to place. Being locked is therefore a comforting thing she looks forward to.

Medical visits

  • The only time Miisa is taken out of her prison complex is for medical and dental checks.  This occurs every few years.
  • On these occasions, Miisa is always tethered to something except when she is being escorted from one place to another, at which time her wrists are always locked to her waist band or behind her.
  • At these times, she is taken by car to a medical centre at a pre-arranged time when few other patients are around.  When travelling in the car Miisa is securely locked to the seat.
  • On these occasions, Miisa must wear high heels, as they limit her mobility.  These must be firmly strapped or locked on her feet, so they cannot be used as a weapon.  She must also wear elbow length leather gloves so that her dexterity is reduced, making escape more impossible.
  • At the doctors, she is escorted by two people, and carefully guarded.  As soon as the medical checks are over, she is taken back to the car and secured again before being returned to her prison.


  • Miisa is allowed to have visitors with the approval of her guard, however, she is carefully guarded while the visit occurs, and visits are a rare event (maximum one visit per month).
  • She is closely tethered to a chair, in a seated position, for the duration of the visit, in a room designed specifically for the purpose. Visitors are not present as Miisa is moved in and out of the room.
  • She remains handcuffed for the entire visit, and her handcuffs are locked to the table, either in plain sight, or beneath the table out of sight, depending on the visitor.
  • There is a cover plate between Miisa and the visitor beneath the table to prevent any possibility of touching below the table.
  • Visitors must abide by the rules (e.g. no touching) or they will either not be allowed to return or Miisa will be more securely restrained on their next visit.


  • When Miisa is taken to bed she is hooded in a fully-enclosing leather hood, her collar is chained to the head of the bed, and her ankle chain is attached to the foot of the bed. The hood makes it impossible to see or speak. Her waist is chained securely to the bed by a short chain that passes around the thinnest part of her waist and is locked to the bed. Another chain passes from the bed between her legs and is locked to the waist chain in the small of her back.
  • Her hands are secured in thumbless leather mittens and locked to her wrist chain.
  • Miisa is bound inside a sleeping bag to provide her additional warmth as temperature dictates.
  • Each morning her guard comes to unlock her.  If she wakes before then she is unable to move and must simply wait.

Showering, toilet and dressing

  • Miisa is tethered in the bathroom every day so she can shower and carry out normal ablutions. At these times she remains in the hobble chain and tethered to the overhead rail system.
  • When she is dry she is escorted to her dressing area, where she is tethered by a short chain facing a wall and her hands placed in wall-mounted electronic handcuffs. Only then are her ankle cuffs removed for a short period so she can be dressed by her guard.  As soon as she has done this, the hobble chain is locked on again. She remains tethered to the overhead rail system throughout.


  • Miisa is dressed each day in clothes which are approved and purchased by the committee.
  • These include a locked corset, tight zippered shirts with locking zippers and a skirt, as trousers are not allowed. During the process of dressing and undressing, Miisa is secured to the wall via either her ankle hobble chain or by a wall-mounted and remotely controlled hand cuff as practicalities dictate. The remote control to the hand cuff is stowed safely in another room of her prison to ensure the utmost security.
  • Miisa is able to choose what she wears each day from the collection of approved clothing.

Occupation and money

  • Miisa has a part time computer based job, which has been incorporated into her captive life.
  • Every week day, she is escorted to her work room and tethered there in a seated position according to the rules above. She spends most of every day in this position.
  • Miisa is not allowed to handle money or buy anything.  If she requires something, she makes a request to her committee, who purchase it for her if they approve of it.


  • Miisa is able to carry out a limited range of hobbies, which are compatible with her captive life.  These include reading, writing, watching tv and collecting photography.
  • She is unable to do most hobbies, such as cooking or gardening because of the restriction on use of utensils.

Sex Life

  • Miisa is not capable of having an orgasm without experiencing bondage far beyond what she lives with day to day, and other things such as humiliation, isolation, for an extended period of time.
  • The procedure for providing her with sexual release is as follows:
    • The Committee decide when she will have an orgasm day
    • The Committee decide what restraints and treatments she will receive
    • Miisa is subjected to a whole day or more of intense restraint, often changing several times during the day.  She often requires several days of recovery time afterwards.

Adaption and Institutionalisation

The strict, regimented life imposed by Miisa’s rules and procedures over many years has led to Miisa becoming institutionalised to her captivity.  For example, several years ago Miisa twice initiated her three month pre-release period only to feel a sense of panic at the thought of freedom and she decided that she would feel more comfortable remaining in captivity.  Even the idea of being free to move around the house by herself makes her feel anxious.

The strict and unchanging nature of Miisa’s rules and procedures encourages her to become more and more institutionalised and there is no plan to change this (for example to introduce variation in her captivity).  Miisa is therefore likely to become much more strongly institutionalised in the future.  This reinforces the permanence of her captivity.

The process of adapting to rules imposed on her, and then the gradual feeling of being institutionalised, is an important part of Miisa’s captivity and lifestyle.  This occurred with the maximum security rules imposed at the beginning of 2012, and is occurring again after the recent increase in her restraints.  At first such changes are very difficult but over time they have become more and more acceptable and to her feel normal.  Miisa and her committee feel that the process of adapting to increased restraints and rules helps her focus on her captivity and therefore feel more settled in her life.

When such changes are made this also results in extra attention and care being paid to her by her guard and committee. Over time, the rules that may have originally seemed difficult and uncomfortable become normal, and give her a special safe and comfortable feeling that she is being looked after and she feels they are right for her, perhaps protecting her from her desires to explore deeper bondage and captivity.  Most of these rules have now been made permanent by her committee.


Perhaps the most important thing in Miisa’s way of life is that she does not have even the smallest opportunity to escape, ever and that the absolute permanence of her captivity is constantly reinforced. Miisa’s lifestyle, carefully planned by first herself and then her committee, has created ever increasing layers of security:

  • 24/7 restraint
  • All of Miisa’s bonds and locks are sufficiently strong that she cannot break them. Miisa tests her locks and bonds occasionally to make sure that they are secure.
  • Locked doors and security grills, and by the length and positioning of her tether chains being never in a position to reach the locked door of the room she is in.
  • A career based around her captive life, giving her financial security ensuring her lifestyle can continue indefinitely.
  • Removal of control over as many aspects of her life as possible, increasing her sense of reliance on her committee.
  • The committee reinforces a very strong and constantly increasing feeling of safety and security, making freedom seem undesirable.
  • Miisa strongly believes that her intense interest in captivity could cause her to get into trouble in the future if she was free, and feels that her committee and captive life keep her from entering into dangerous situations.
  • There is no possibility that Miisa could gradually diminish the intensity of her captivity and thereby slowly reintegrate, as her committee have stated that the only way they are interested in continuing is if they have total control and if the captivity remains strict.
  • Much of Miisa’s enjoyment of her captive life comes from a feeling of achievement at having adapted to her restraints and lifestyle. Her restraints and captive life is so normal to her now that she feels no need to change them, and she feels that if she was released or her restraints relaxed it would defeat the purpose of all her efforts in the past to adapt to her life. If, as is likely, her restraints are intensified by her committee sometime in the future, the process of adapting to the new situation would provide a new, and rewarding challenge.

11 responses to “CaptiveGirl – Rules, Procedures and Lifestyle

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  2. Sax

    Will we ever see pictures of her living situation?

  3. derek

    I am really fascinated by your situation and admire your fortitude and commitment. I realise that your committee has concerns about photographs, but would they at least agree to allow us to see around your prison? It would make reading about your experiences so much more vivid if we could see pictures of your cell and your workroom for example and the restraining rings and chains. Thank you for keeping us up to date and I hope that you continue to find the satisfaction that you crave for and up to now seem to have achieved.

    • I agree with the fact that photos could be presented here, but the Committee considers that it is not acceptable in my current location. There is not much to see. It is very ascetic – essentially a small basement apartment without a kitchen. There are a few heavy doors and several o-rings on the floor and walls.

      Life prisoner Miisa Karlsson

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  5. Even if they are close up shots of just the restraints, corset, etc I think your followers would love to see them.

  6. S B

    Any further changes? Can you describe the most recent ‘orgasm day’ ?

  7. Jari

    Dear Miisa, no matter how tight rules or controlled your captivity is, it still has began voluntarily. So it seem impossible to me to reach the experience of a real prisoner who is kept captives against her will. But then again, is that the experience you try to reach?

  8. sumo

    What time are u put to bed. When is your dinner time and do have time for tv etc before bedding down?

  9. Robert Bernt

    restraints are the real freedom. freedom from having to make so many decisions (and mistakes) in life. I understand Miisa.

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