Daily Routine

In the morning the guard wakes me.  He does so cautiously, so that I will not be alarmed. Actually, I know that he is coming because I can hear the sounds of doors and locks. In general, he opens and removes my hood, but sometimes he leaves the hood on at this time.  He opens my sleeping bag and removes the chain which is locked to my collar. Next, he removes the chain locked to my hobble chain.  Then he unlocks the handcuffs from my back chain. My hands are not free but the additional mobility still feels good.

Next he usually sits on top of my thighs, like a rider on a horse.  He opens the handcuffs so that he can remove my hands from the mittens, then tightens the cuffs again.  It is a great feeling to get my fingers free, they tingle and it takes some time to work my fingers again. Next, he moves backward i.e. to sit on my knees. He removes the locks that are on my bed waist chain.

Now, I am no longer attached to the bed. He gets off the bed and raises my hands up (handcuffed) behind me and at the same time assists me out of bed. It is a little difficult but it works ok, the guard makes sure that I will not fall. When I’m standing, he locks the rail system chain to my collar. Now I’m ready to move on toilet / shower.  He opens the connecting door and leads me in.  If I do not follow the practice exactly, he can lift my hands and lock them to the chain hanging from the rail (which is otherwise loose because it is locked to my collar). This has happened a few times and now I know it is very difficult (and painful) to walk with my hands lifted behind my back. I am trying to do everything so that this does not happen.

When I’m in the toilet, the guard releases my hands. If I still have the hood on he usually takes it off now, although sometimes I have had to keep the hood on until I shower.  When I am finished with the toilet it is time to shower.  In the cell wall in the shower there is a hole from which I can take the soap, towels, etc. They must be returned after I use them.  I can wash my hair every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Then I wrap a towel on my head but, as a towel can also be used incorrectly (as a weapon), my hands are then locked behind my back. Then we return back to the side of my bed. The guard pushes me against the cage wall and opens the left leg cuff, he helps put the panties on me. On the inside of the panties is a protective pad, like a small diaper, it has a dual purpose, to protect my tail bone when I’m sitting on top of the connecting chain and also as a backup if I can not use the toilet (very rare). In the cell are my electrical handcuffs, they are bolted to the cage wall.  My wrists are locked in them, holding them securely.

The guard then helps me put on a cotton tube which always goes underneath my corset. Then is time to put on the corset. He puts it in place and tightens it to a specific tension. He then adjusts the shoulder straps and tightens them. In the morning my body is “screaming” corset – I am much more comfortable when I am laced in.  I realise that my posture is very different without it – more “tired” and stooping. After 14 months wearing corsets every day my back and shoulders are so accustomed to them that I could not imagine a day without them.

Then he helps me put on a skirt, it is always waist high, and the length can vary from below the knee to the floor.  After the skirt he removes each leg cuff alternately to put on my socks (normal, ankle socks) and then boots.  Pantyhose are prohibited as they could be used as a weapon.  Next, if everything has gone well, he locks my leg cuffs to the bottom of the cage wall and goes to use the cordless remote control to open the electric handcuffs.  The remote control is at this time on my desktop in the other cell. This is a security measure – if something should happen to the guard while I am dressing I still could not open the electrically operated handcuffs.

When my hands are free I am able to put on my shirt.  It is like a straitjacket, with tight sleeves and exactly fitted to my dimensions in the corset. I can not lift my arms up while wearing them.  Its length is from the neck down to the hips. It is secured with a strong zipper which is locked in the neck. I have a number of them. Next, my steel waist band and upper back chain are attached, as well as the connecting chain to my leg cuffs.  At the same time, he locks my handcuffs in front of the waist band.  Finally, he disconnects the rail system chain on my neck and moves it to the back of the waist band.  He then unlocks my leg cuffs hobble from the floor, and leads me in the workroom.

Now he locks the hobble to the chain on the floor and removes my cuffs. Now I’m in my office and can stand beside the higher table and eat my breakfast. Breakfast is usually porridge, jam and a glass of milk (porridge is easy to prepare in the microwave so it does not take too much time). All of my dishes are unbreakable, soft plastic.  Small children could make sand castles on the beach with my dishes.  I do not hurry when I eat breakfast. The morning is not usually busy.

After breakfast I put the dishes in a hole in the wall, outside the cell. I push them over a small table when they fall on the basket. When the guard brings my breakfast, usually at the same time he switches on my computer (outside the cage). After breakfast I move on to the computer and read e-mails and receive urgent messages, photo requests, etc and I look at what new material has been sent to me.

After 2-3 hours, the guard returns and I have the opportunity to use the toilet if I need to.  Then it is time to put my mittens on.  I must put my thumb in my hand and squeeze it into a fist. Then he puts the tight leather mitten around my fist, and closes it with a zipper that is below the fist. The mitten wrist section is folded to hide the zipper lock and a pair of handcuffs is locked over it to seal it.  My hands are like the paws of a dog or cat. Without nails. When both are secured in this way my wrists are locked to my waist, in front. The leather protects my wrists from the handcuffs, which are pretty tight so that they seal the mittens.

The rules dictate that I use the mittens for 3 hours a day. Outdoor time is 1-2 hours so I have to be at least half an hour in my home office so that I can not do anything. It is annoying, but I do understand that I need to take a break from computer work. When the guard escorts me out of the house on the inside, he places a cloak on me. When I am outside, he replaces my inner track chain with the outside chain. The cloak is made of light cotton, it does not really cause any problems. A strange peculiarity is the fact that when the cloak is “locked” on my neck using a leather strap, it feels to me like I am being throttled even though I know that the belt is outside my collar … I guess I will get used to it. The cloak covers me and all my restraints fine. I now have a cloak for the rain made of blue latex. I have not used it yet but I am afraid that it will be very sweaty. I do not like latex. If I’m out for over an hour, I can use bench at the other end of the rail.

After the outdoor activities I move inside where again I have to wait with the mittens still on. After 3 hours has been completed I go with a guard to the bathroom (with hands locked in front). In the restroom the guard transfers my rail chain on my waist to my the neck and removes the handcuffs and mittens. After this, I can use the toilet, lifting the skirt is sometimes difficult because I can not bend down because of the corset and back chain.  The guard helps me if necessary. My leg Cuffs can be locked in front of the toilet bowl, but it is not usually necessary. My fingers do not work well after the mittens, which sometimes causes problems at this time.

After this, the rail chain is returned to my waist band, as usual, and I am escorted to the workroom. There, I can eat a light lunch. It is usually some soup and bread and water. I can then work for another 5-6 hours without interruption. If / when there is no work left to do, I can I surf the web, read and study magazines and blogs. My “working time” ends at about 7 PM, then I can once again visit the toilet and eat dinner. Then I can watch TV or do something else.

Around 9:30 – 10:00 PM I do evening chores to get ready for bed. The guard takes me to use the toilet, then the guard locks my hands behind my back (handcuffs) and I must kneel on the toilet seat. I hate it because the seat cover is hard. If I do not keep my spot the guard will press my head against the wall. He helps me out of my day chains, clothes and corset then puts the leg cuffs back on my ankles. Since then, I can stand up and he removes my wall chain collar. Next, he leads me beside the bed. Sometimes he would raise my hands higher and higher so that I have to walk bent. He says that in Russia all life sentence prisoners need to walk like this. Bedside I have to stand so that my feet (the lower part of the knee) rest on the bed and legs are as wide as possible.

Next, he pulls the hood on my head, he leaves the hood lacing loose. In bed the sleeping bag is opened and through it is threaded a Y-shaped chain which is attached to the lower part of the bed. The bed also has two mounting points for which corresponding holes have been made in the sleeping bag. The guard helps me get into the bed on my belly, and he places me so that the Y-chain is tightly between my crotch.

Then he locks the chain, the other ends of the attachment points. The chain runs over my narrowest part of the waist. I get a strange pleasure from the fact that I am strongly attached to the bed. Next, he locks my leg cuffs to a short chain which is the head of the bed. He also locks the chain that comes to my collar.

Then there is the hand’s turn. He locks the handcuffs to the chain that runs round my waist at the back. When it is done, he opens the hand cuff on my left wrist. He takes a leather mitt. These mittens are made in such a way that it is without the thumb. But in fact, the thumb has its own space so that it is firmly in the palm below the other fingers, wedged in very tight. The bottom is thick leather and the tops are slightly thinner.

The mitten closes with a zipper that is on top of the palm. At the ends the leather is sewn and stapled to an O-ring. The arm section of the mitten rises far above the wrist. When the zipper is closed handcuffs are put on my wrists as usual. The mittens are strange – they prevent the use of the fingers, but they also limit the bending of the wrist.

He tightens my hood lacing. It’s weird as leather tightens around my head. Next, the guard checks that my pillow is well and my head is in the right position. When everything is in order, he closes the edge of the sleeping bag zipper. He watches me for a moment, to make sure that all is well. Then he leaves for the night.



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3 responses to “Daily Routine

  1. Love the restraint/bondage techniques employed in this regime. Now I’m jealous!

  2. Hi, Miisa :-).

    First, I think the committee should consider adding a vertical chain to your bed, running from the top of the bed frame to the baseboard. The at first loose chain would be inside the sleeping bag and thus could be locked to your collar, waist chain and ankle cuffs, then be fully tightened with you on your belly.

    As per the present practice your hands would be confined in their mi9tts and then the wrist cuffs added. Next, and this is an addition and change I recommend, separated ankle cuffs would be clkinched around your upper arms just above the elbow joints and locked at a sufficient tightness that they would not slide over the joint and neither would they close further.

    At that point, the guard would pull your elbows in behind your back and lock the elbow cuffs to the bed chain, then he would pull your wrists down until your arms were straight and locke them to the bed chain, also.

    At that point, he would close up the sleeping bag, with the bed chain emerging from the bottom and locked tightly to the base board and the one from the back ring of your collar emerging from the top of the bag and tightened and locked to the head board.

    I hope this suggestion is considered and of course, used, for your continuing and nightly restraint system.
    Then, the cuffs would be drawn

  3. Hawke

    What do you think about after that zipper finally goes up and you are left alone at night?

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