My new long term home

The move to my new long term location has now happened, after many years of anticipation.

At first I was confused, amazed and scared, but now … I do not know.  I may be crazy, but somehow all this flatters me.  All of this is built for me and thinking of me!  Construction and alterations have cost a lot and they have taken a tremendous time, and I see this as a new challenge.  After the initial shock it all seems to make sense.

Now I am really like a caged animal.  My new prison is like a big cage divided into three smaller parts.   The cell, with bed, shower  and toilet is in one area.  The second is the workroom and lounge area.  The third is a small room with access to my outdoor area.

The different areas are divided by heavy steel mesh.   Two sliding doors separate the rooms, with electronic locks.  On both sides of the main cage are walkways in which the guard can walk.  The cages have small hatches through which the guard can give me my food, clothes etc.   He does not have to come inside the cage.

On the ceiling is a steel rail.  From this hangs a chain which is connected to my waist chain.  The rail keeps me securely tethered – at most I can move within a 1m radius of the track of the rail above.  I can move along the rail between different areas and walk between the rooms of the cage if the doors are open, but the rails also have an electronic stop point in every room.  The guard must use the remote control so that I can go between rooms.

At the end of the complex there is also a room for visits.  In this room the cage, rail etc are not visible.  There are two sofas, a chair, a table and also a fireplace! It is a very cozy place.  I look forward to being able to see visitors there someday.

In most parts of the complex, including my cell, I cannot sit any more due to the fact that the track is not curved down there so the chain from the rail is not long enough.  This is not a problem for me, because in the work room the track curves down from the ceiling so I have a little more free play and can sit at my workbench.  I sit there much of the day so get plenty of time sitting down.  In the same room is a higher bench where I can stand and lean when I am eating my dinner .  There is no chair there so I cannot sit.  Once I have eaten I am taken back to the seat at the workbench.

Like before, I am not able to move freely between stations.  Each place has a locking system which my leg-irons chain can be locked to the floor, the guard can do it outside of the cage.  All things can be made so that the guard is in the cage outside.

The rail does not continue outside to my exercise area.  Instead there is a similar steel wire as in the past, but now parallel to the wall of the house. During outdoor activities my hands are locked, and the waist chain is attached to outdoor chain before the indoor chain is disconnected.  Then I can walk back and forth along the wire.

I have no waist chain closed when I am getting chainged and my corset and shirt, are removed, but otherwise I am attached to the rail all the time except when I am on the exercise run outside.

I sleep restrained in the same way as before, it is a bit uncomfortable because the temperature is not the same as before, I need some kind of pajamas … or at least a decent blanket for myself.  A number of routines etc not yet finalised – I understand that I will be getting a new personal guard or guards at some stage soon.


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  1. Renegade Spirit

    Sounds like a huge change, Prisoner Karlsson, not just an adaptation of ordinary outside civilian life.

    I hope that you had a good Winter Solstice and are having a good holiday. How much daylight do you have now?

    Good luck.

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