End of hand restraints trial

Much has happened since my last post.   The hand restraints trial lasted four weeks.  In the middle of it the committee tried, at my request, a different method of restraining my hands.  They replaced the chain between my wrists with a wire.  It was not a good idea as the wire was too stiff – even when the cable was not pulled tight it still restricted my movements as it did not bend easily like a chain. It was almost like a steel rod.  The only good thing was that it glided silently behind my back when I switched hands.

One reason this new trial was so difficult was that they didn’t pass the cable only through the rear o-ring – it was also threaded through the locks on my waist chain on each side.  On each side there was only 10 cm free play, so when one hand was held to the side of my waist, the other had only 20 cm reach.  It felt like my hands were locked to my sides, I do not understand why they did it this way.  When I suggested the wire, I assumed that it would only pass through the rear O-ring.  It meant I had trouble doing even basic things for myself.  I had to live with it for a number of days before they returned me to the chain between my wrists.

By the end of the four weeks I was longing to return to having hands free, even if it meant having my feet more closely restrained again.  I have to say that I did not like the hand restraints experiment.  It was great that my legs had more movement but I hated the handcuffs.  Since I’m right-handed, my left hand was always held behind my back. I found the best position was to have my palm facing outward, and my thumb between the vertical chain and my back.  The left hand was useless and had to remain in the same position for a long time causing problems. Since I have a corset I sat the whole time a little skewed. Not good for my neck and shoulders.

There were some things done to improve things – my table was moved closer to me so that it was touching my belly, and this gave me more relief in my left hand and in my neck and shoulders.  I worked with the right hand, but the other things I tried to do with the left hand, such as eating, etc.  I’m a bit clumsy with the left hand so everything I did took more time.  It annoyed me.  The relatively short chain also caused other problems in practice. I needed help, for example to use the toilet.  It was humiliating, even though the guard sees me naked every night and morning anyway.  I was glad when it finished but in some ways, I was grateful for this opportunity to try out changes – it gave some variety in an otherwise dull routine.

One thing about the hand restraints was that they made it easier for the guard to move me from place to place.  My hands could be quickly restrained without extra locks etc.  The current guard enjoyed and wanted to spend time with my routines.  Perhaps the next guard / guards do not wish to do so, and I think the committee might have been looking for routines and practices that take as little as possible of others time.

There was also a new rule introduced at this time that my chains must be visible at all times.  In the past I have used long skirts because they hide my ankle and connection chains.  Now, they must be visible at all times that they can be checked at any time. Basically, I understand that rule, but still … how could I try to break the chain or the lock anyway?  It seems very dull, a small change which affects me a lot.  When the hand restraint trial finished this became a part of my normal rules and so I must live with it for the long term.


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